Hello Again.


Before you read on, I thought you should know I am NOT some teen who is confused about life. If that is the type of journal you like to read, I highly suggest you move on my friend. 


How are you doing? Hopefully just as well as I am. 2017 ended with a boring sigh, but I will say that 2018 is turning out to be some year. To be saying those words towards the end of the second month is huge for me. 

I am currently on some new missions. Some, self motivated goals. 

1.) Get fit, physically & Mentally (going very well by the way)

2.) Practice discipline & action (because that is what the rich did to get rich.)

3.) Contact my higher-self (bet you didn’t expect this one)

As the year skips on, I am figuring out more, and more that no one gives a damn about what you do in life. As long as you stay in line, follow the rules, and move along with the herd. Unfortunately for them, I am stepping out of line, breaking some rules, (none that will hurt others of course) and following my own path. I can tell you one thing. This woman has never been happier. 

So, who am I? I am Renee. To be more specific, I am a 5″2, brown eye, loc’d, black woman who is intelligent for the most part, kind, and caring. Moody at times; of course that is changing as I figure out what makes ME happy. I smile a lot more. Just because I like to. I am shy as hell to the point its even annoying for me. I have probably one of the highest sex drives on earth….lol jk but no seriously. And guess what? I am proud of it. Nothing wrong with women loving sex more than some men do, and if you think its wrong…well fuck you. If you love it, hell lets grab a drink (I prefer tea…sometimes wine) sometime, and talk sex. I like to see others succeed, and I randomly like to support people I have never even met. I rarely like to see others fail. But I do think some deserve it. You know, those with evil intentions and such.

What else? I found my path. As far as what I want to do in life. Finally. Only took me 28 years to figure it out. Then again, I am not even sure I have it completely figured out. I am a natural born healer. So, I thought I’d go into nursing. I am taking classes. That is going well. I am almost ready to apply to the program. Am I scared? Hell yes, but I can no longer let my fears of people, math, and just putting myself out there hold me back. Of course there is much more to me, but i’ll let that out overtime as I figure it out.

Wish me luck beautiful. 😉

Oh, and thanks for reading. **Hugs**

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