I’m so hurt. That i can’t describe how much pain i am in my heart. I just heard my boyfriend from almost two years cheated on me with his ex. His ex told me. He admitted it. Now his ex girlfriend boyfriend want to sleep with me so we can make things even. I don’t think that a great idea. No matter how much pain in i don’t have the heart to do someone dirty like that. My boyfriend want to keep being together and try to make things work but, i don’t know if i do because i can’t be with someone who did me dirty like that. i was always loyal. i never have cheated. i don’t deserve this. I want to be with him but i just can’t trust him at all. i know if i take him back he will cheat on me again.. he promised me but i just feel like its an empty promise. i want to be alone and think about this but he doesn’t want to take a break. i have no idea what to do. They say that if its true love, after a bad situation or tragedy you and your partner love for each other will come out stronger… but does it fit my situation? i have no clue what to think or do.. 

One thought on “Hurt”

  1. Yeah don’t sleep wt that guy it’s not worth it sorry that your hurtin I know it’s hard and tbh prob just take some time for yourself if you see and think he changed than give him a chance but if you see you doing so much better without him than fuck him he don’t deserve you , you will find your true love ❤️

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