It has been 4 days now. He is gone. I cannot believe I did this to myself again. I allowed Mr Buttons to take everything in my life that was good and make it ugly and evil. I wanted so badly to be a part of his life… but I just didn’t know how evil he really is. I wish I had never met him. I’ve died. I’m morning the loss of an idea. He was never real… only what I made him to be in my head. I cannot move. I’m paralyzed. I don’t want to be in this world another second. There is nothing here for me. There never was.

2 thoughts on “Lost”

  1. Honey, I know how you feel. Are you sure we haven’t gotten ahold of the same guy. Mine’s name is Ian. Been trying to throw him out since yesterday and he won’t leave. I feel pretty dead right now and want to exit this life. Maybe we could commiserate together. Men are so horrible. I’m on kik as catkrazylady and my email is catkrazylady66@yahoo.com.

  2. i really think you and @catcrazylady need to learn your self worth. a man does not have the power to make you feel less of a woman. i totally understand how devastating it is when you love someone who doesnt love you, but you need to gain some self respect and move on. there is someone out there ready to love you and you arent open to finding them because youre too busy being heartbroken over someone who probably wasnt worthy of you in the first place. just try to breathe and relax. do something for yourself and put yourself first. the right person, who is worthy of your love, will come to you in time.

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