It’s morning and things aren’t much better. I left my phone plugged in next to the computer and found it on his night stand this morning.  He claims he doesn’t know how it got there.  Bullshit.  Good thing I have it locked down with a pin number.  I only got a few hours sleep.  I had hoped that he’d come to me during the night but he didn’t.  I let him know pretty quick last night that  I wasn’t going to touch him for any reason, much less sex.  I was hoping he would come to me but it doesn’t look like he’s going to come to me at all.  And I’m not going to approach him for it.  The fact that he slept in his shorts when he normally doesn’t says a lot.  He keeps saying he’s too tired at night lately.  He’s a roofer.  But usually too tired for sex means he’s been screwing around with someone else.  I was hoping and praying I was wrong.  I almost had myself  convinced that I was that last couple of days  but by him not being willing to come to me the last few days tells me otherwise.  When we first started seeing each other he was working 40 hours a week and he wasn’t too tired for sex and we were going at it all night.  Now he says he  can’t keep up when he was.   I still can’t get him to leave.  I guess I’m going to have him removed forcefully.

I don’t want to be alone.  I want someone to be affectionate with me and want to make love to me.  I’ve lost all that again.  I’ve done so much for him and gotten absolutely nothing in return.

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