It’s Saturday which is the best day because it’s the only day of the week my baby doesn’t have school. His dad usually calls me to pick him up on Saturdays but today I switched my phone off to avoid his call.  I wanted to spend all day with my son. Gave him a long bath and also made him sun bathe for 1 hour while I oil massaged him for stronger bones. I love how there are certain things in our culture  that totally makes sense. Sun bathing in early day helps bones become stronger (for kids under 5).

Oh and I made him his favorite mutton and potato soup with rice and we both spent some good time napping! 

His dad called in the evening and asked me about my phone that was switched off. I told him my phone had went out of battery and I didn’t remember to plug in the charger. I lied to him Because I’m scared of this man. He’s abused me physically before to the point of almost being killed. I’m very very scared of him. Most Saturdays, when he takes away our son and I call him in the evening to know when he is coming back, he gets very defensive and threatens to take away our son from me someday. I’m always walking on eggshells when I’m dealing with him. He is so hot tempered and abusive. So everytime I talk to him, I stay very careful as not to piss him off. I have no choice but to let him see our son once a week according to the law in here. 

Saturdays are not always so good for me. 

But today was an exceptional. 

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