[206.1] ~*Sun – 02/25/18*~

[11:06 pm]

OMG!! I think I just coughed up a huge chunk of mucus. I say think cause I was brushing me teeth and then felt like I had to cough-puke but I did it in the sink while the water was running so what I saw just disappeared down the drain so fast but it felt like it was a huge chunk. I think I might have even puked up my pill but what ever. I feel so happy right now and I’m not even sure that was all but I sure hope so. My throat feels clear at the moment. Not a 100% but way better so maybe, just maybe, this will do the trick. I will keep taking  the pill for the seven days and keep hoping for the best. I was just too excited, I had to come write about it. Haha!

Anyways, I did the laundry and put away one load but left one in the dryer. My purple is still fine and the redish (I don’t know what to call the color anymore) seems fine. I mean, it faded but it’s still doing pretty good compared to what we used before as there’s not much bleeding happening. I still have five weeks to go so we shall see how it keeps going.

The guy is coming to check out the door in the morning and for some damn reason it’s sorta stressing me out. I don’t understand why the silliest things gets me stressed out. I just hope it’s an easy fix and don’t come out worse. That’s always my worry when I try to get things fix.

Let’s try not to think about that. 




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