I’m going to try dreamwork. Here’s the first entry on one vivid dream last night. 

I was travelling through a place that was high in the mountains. There were pine trees everywhere and a rocky terrain. I stopped someplace off the road at some roadhouse of sorts. It was a nice log cabin. Pretty big one and nice and bright on the inside with huge windows letting in a lot of light. There are people sitting around a table. They all appear to know each other and look at me with concern.  Not of disdain, just worry. I thought maybe it’s because they don’t know me that this is the reason they are concerned. I sit down at a nearby table, and in the corner I hear little kids talking loudly about me. Not in a nice way. The parents aren’t doing anything, so I go over to the children and ask them why they are being little sh8ts. I remember saying to these children after this admonishing, “I deserve to be here as much as you do. Don’t I have a right to be here as much as you do?” The parents are staring at me again, not saying anything, but the kids look slightly ashamed. They don’t say or do anything. I thought I saw them nod, but I couldn’t be certain. After this, I walk out of this room and into another where the front door is wide open. Someone comes up to me and starts talking to me. I don’t see their face, but I feel I know them. They said, “Might not want to do that around here.” I replied that it didn’t matter because it was the truth. I was smiling as I looked out at the landscape. People were everywhere, but it looked more like a summer camp than it did a small town. They were moving everywhere looking busy, but I just observed. Then I woke up. 

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