First Entry “New Member”

Just recently, I came across an interesting article on snapchat that was about people being able to buy others diaries/journals online. Immediately i was intrigued! I figured “Gosh, imagine if someone were to have access to download my journal! How crazy would they think I am?!” That being said I immediately made a mental note to come back to this because at the time I saw the article on snapchat i was on my way to a bar with some friends.

My pen name for the site is Michael Moore. Im 27, a hairdresser, who happens to be homosexual. Surprising isnt it? Well ive been on a wierd spirtiual, soul searching kind of path, if that even makes any sense…

Listen, Im a young guy with a troubled upbringing thats on the verge of a mental break down at any point, 
“Britney Spears circa 2007”

whos been battling drug addiction, strong self confidence issues
“even though im considered very good looking by likes and followers through social media”

Also has huge daddy issues and who so happens to be motherless 
“she was killed when i was 19” 
who is from Las Vegas “Had to Leave Sin City cause i was getting to crazy”

That wants to find peace and serenity within my own mind.. That may seem a little dramatic at first glance, but trust me…. My life is a roller coaster that i want to get off of.

Im really hoping to find purpose with this site because im walking on thin ice here contemplating weather or not i should even still be here..

Ive been journaling for almost 4 ears now, just never like this and so public. I really love writing and self expression through art so the little faith of force i have brought me here today for some reason. I figured id give it a shot because i know I have a purpose here its just life is too much for me sometimes. Specially with all that ive gone through from a young age. That being said, I hope to engage with other people on here and help anyone i can if i come across someone else struggling with their mid 20’s.

-Michael Moore

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  1. Hi,
    Welcome 🙂

    I’ve just started too and mostly Because I’m going through a lot and reading other people’s journals in here comforts me knowing how little my problems and worries are compared to so many other people.


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