[207] ~*Mon – 02/26/18*~

[12:42 pm]

This is annoying, I can’t even enjoy a meal peacefully. Most of the time, when I eat, I have to run to the bathroom before I’m even done eating. I’ve been this way ever since I had my gallbladder removed.

Anyways, last night I finally went to sleep a bit later than I wanted too and then started coughing and my leg was in pain. Arg! That said, took a while before I could settle down and fall asleep. This morning I was so tired and trying not to look at the time but this is like a curse cause I always end up looking when I have an hour left. I knew I wouldn’t be lucky enough to get a cancellation this morning but at eight my phone rang. It was the guy for the door. Blah!

So yea, the guy went to check the door while I was working and hub says it’s fix. I don’t know, I still sorta feel stressed about it. It’s so stupid but I have to wait till 10 tonight to see if it’s really fixed which I hope.

I had time between clients as my first one didn’t take all her time so I went to the Casino with hub for brunch. I played mom’s $5 and nothing so I played $10 of my own money and still nothing. Blah! When I was going out I decided to try $5 in a machine with no luck so I tried $5 in another one and took out $30 so I made $10. Better than nothing, at least I didn’t ended up losing my money today.

Right now I’m at the library with a client and gosh am I ever so tired. I just want to cry cause I feel like sleeping that badly. This is going to be a very long day cause I still have nine hours to go. Arg! I’ve been taking my B12 daily which seemed to work for the first two days but it surely isn’t working right now. I feel like I felt like four years ago. I regret going to brunch, I should of parked somewhere and napped. I don’t know how I will manage my day cause I’m fighting so very badly not to fall asleep. This is insane!




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