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So i am a 15 yr old female. I do online school, which gives me a lot of free time. Last night this guy came over. Well, he snuck over. When I was in public school I knew him but I never really talked to him. He plays football, very popular. I was never really the popular one, my group just just a bunch of girls who talk about porn and don’t give a shit lol. We aren’t emo, and e don’t do drugs or anything. Just fuck ups i guess. Since i’ve been in online school, I am able to stay active on my social medias, so this guy and I started talking. I sent some booty pics, and he came over knowing I was going to give him  head. We had already planned what we were going to do. It took him like 3o minutes to nut. Idk if that is good or bad. His dick got soft like about three times while I was sucking his dick which was kinda weird. Then he took some videos and pictures..lets pray those don’t get anywhere. This happened last night and he hasn’t texted me back all day. I probably just sound desperate..but really I’m just bored with my life. I take two online classes, so I have school for about 3 hours, and the rest of the day to do whatever. I guess thats why I am going to start making journals on this.

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  1. You shouldn’t have let him take pictures of you guys are stupid around this age, pray nothing happens, but go out more to arcades skating bowling you could meet people your age and have fun and remember it’s not always about sex you are very young and shouldn’t really be thinking about it I’m telling you this from experience but yeah go out to public places be be safe the world is crazy but overall have fun but not tooo much fun lol

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