Difficult moments test our faith

 Today was average day. Thankful for what God is doing in my life. I consider every day a miracle but I even got to witness one today. God is so good to me even though I am undeserving. The way that this year started I was afraid that 2018 would be a bust(negative attitude). However….. this could be the best year of my life. Making changes for the better and believing for restoration of my family. I could look back on 2018 and see that it was a miraculous turning point in every aspect of my life. Three more sleeps until divorce court but I am in continual mental preparation. There are many people praying and God is listening. But maybe she has people praying for a successful divorce for her??  Hmmmm, that’s tough. I have a detailed memory of when my wife told me that in fact she was in love with me and was sorry for wrong doing. That was so special. I told her that I was sorry for all of the chaos that I caused but then continued to act out like a fool. I am not to proud to admit that I was foolish. Top notch foolish. I lost the thing that I loved the most. I whole heartedly believe that our vows to one another will get us through this season. It will be better than ever when we take all that we have learned and apply it to our marriage. I still want to renew our vows in front of friends and family to declare a prosperous future ahead of us and our children. We will declare a house full of love, compassion and forgiveness. No more keeping score!!!! That is the number one reason for failed marriages. We will kiss each other goodnight every night and put our differences of the day in the past. It is not a struggle for me to get along with my wife. She means way more than any offences. I wish that I would have coined the phrase “sweet cheeks”.  Because that is what I see when I look at her. Goodnight sleeping beauty. 

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