Leaving Open Diary


So I was so excited this week when I realized that Opendiary had been reactivated. But then I realized that I will only have access to the website for a month before it becomes a paid service. I won’t be paying for the platform because I don’t want to, at least not right now, especially when I can receive similar services for free. I also don’t want to pay for opendiary because I don’t like the simplified platform. I miss being able to write code to style my diary how I want it. If opendiary still had all the previous features before it was deleted, I would invest in it. I also don’t like the idea of my diary being deleted again. I don’t know if I can trust opendiary to remain open over the years. 

But since I reactivated the opendiary this week, I realized that I really missed journaling, and I especially missed the social aspect that an online journal could have. I had my opendiary years before I was aware of myspace or facebook and it was my first social media experience. I read all of my old entries and it was such a fun journey walking down memory lane. 

I hope that this experience is just as much fun. I’ll be bringing some of my open diary entries I wrote this month over to this site. 

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