Monday: Week 1

Parents are tricky. One day they tell you that they’re going to let you do your own thing and the next they’re taking away your stuff because you’re not on top of things. They treat you like a little kid and yet expect you to act like an adult. You’re drowning again in the spiral of depression and they seem not to notice, piling things on you still. It’s so hard to balance school, extracurriculars (both ones you want to do and ones they want you to do), as well as just being an ordinary teenager. They don’t understand how much pressure both they and society are putting on you nowadays. It doesn’t help that they don’t seem to realize how soon the anniversary of your friend’s suicide is. That doesn’t make any day easier. How can it be that school, something you used to love, is now something you hate. No it’s more than that, you despise it. What if time just stopped? What if life could go back to the way it used to?

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