He took a nap this morning and now he’s being as evasive as ever.  He claims he’s getting sick again but he just doesn’t seem like it.  He’s never stopped coughing and sniffling from the last go around and neither have I.  He said just a little bit a go that he felt like he had some sinus pressure….sinus infection.  Can’t get him to put down that damned phone playing games.  I know he’s not communicating with the bitch cause his phone was turned off Saturday.  It’s a prepay and if you don’t pay by a certain day it goes off.  And in the meantime I sneaked a peak and there wasn’t any communication  after the 22nd so there hasn’t been any contact for 5 days.  She hasn’t even initiated any contact since the 22nd.  There was just too much for me to try to scroll through to try to read it all.  I wish I had a way to hack the phone and get copies of the texts between them and see.

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