Well, crap

He’s getting sick again.  He can’t get sick again…..I don’t think I can handle him living with me another week.  His phone is off and he can’t use it to call in.  I tried to get him to use mine or the land line and he’s refusing.  I’m afraid he’ll get fired from his job.  At the same time I’m wondering if he’s trying to get fired so he’s stuck living with me.  May be that’s a good sign that he wants to stay with me but he was so adamant that he didn’t want to live with me.  Could the fact I told him I had a man trying to sweep me out from under him.  Could he be in love with me?  Either that or he’s just that afraid that I’ll capture his work number and get him in trouble or stalk him at work because he’s going to break up with me.  Does he want to stay home with me to watch me because he’s afraid he’s going to lose me?  I can’t tell what’s going on.  My abilities are so clouded I can’t tell anything about anybody right now.

You know on the same token I’m afraid that  Ian wants me to dump him for another man.  I sure hope I haven’t screwed up trying to make him jealious.


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