140. Life’s roller coaster Pt. 1

Life truly is a rollercoaster. 

Last week was pretty mundane. Five days of 12 plus hour shifts, my mother announcing another move out date, confirmed by the courts. Finally her husband can move back in and help take of his fucking animals. I love animals don’t get me wrong, however, taking care of 5 animals, 3 of which are dogs, is a lot for one person. 

He has offered for me to stay as long as I like. It’s a nice gesture, living rent free is always desirable, someone always here when I’m not is comforting, but I’m not entirely sure my mother would be to happy about it. Greg and I have always gotten along pretty well, as long as him and my mother weren’t drinking. 

Besides the point, I have yet to find a house that will allow to medium to large dogs. I’m not a fan of apartments, or being beside someone in a duplex. I enjoy my privacy, very much. It makes it quite difficult. 

The idea of letting tiff take Dakota on her truck has been discussed as well. Though I’m not sure what she would do once she has home time. I have never had a problem with any other dogs except Lola when it comes to Dakota. The thought came when Tiff said she was lonely, and I was mentioning I’m terrified to mingle her and Tux again, once I do move. 

I just want them to get along still so bad, speaking of this they just growled at each other through the cage….

I just feel Dakota needs the attention to be the only dog, she is very dominant. She’s my baby, and I don’t want to get rid of her, but I’m really meant to have more then 1 dog, besides the fact I can’t get rid of Tux. I literally help him and pulled him our of his sack at birth. I won’t know until I try to mingle them…..im just panicking as the time approaches for me to move. 



As my life begins to look up, everything I have managed to hold onto from the past two years is being ripped away. I never thought I’d have to give up one of my dogs, let alone to have to consider it again. 


They’re Literally. My. Life. 



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