141. Life is a rollercoaster Pt. 2

Ab co.

Working for this company has given me the stability I have been waiting for. Everything is finally caught up, gets automatically withdrawn from my account, with no worries. 90 percent of America can only dream of that. I have a half way decent social life now, I’ve been spending time with almost all of my siblings, along with having time to spend with a thus far, wonderful woman. This job has even given me a semi regular sleep schedule. Minus the chaos of the past few days, I usually get a minimum of 6 hours of sleep a night. Verses going days with no sleep at all. 

It’s difficult, and not exactly pleasant work, but it has provided my life with exactly what it needed. 

Living instead of just being alive, going places seeing things, simply making memories. 

Finally I am filled with hope that I can accomplish the goals I have set for my self. All the things I have procrastinated on, simply because I was afraid I would fail, or felt it would set me back to far financially, as I already had a pretty debt. 



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