Day 722 to 730 – Two years on GNJ

Monday, February 26, 2018

Oh wow, I said I would keep writing, but I’ve forgotten nine days. Although I seem to slowly get away from writing entries, whether I like it or not, I have been on Goodnight Journal for two years now! Actually, it’s been two years today! And seems like I got the days right, too! I’m on 730, as I should be.

Feels like yesterday I started writing here… I remember when I could only write for a week, and that was it… (That’s also what I said last year, haha). I’m getting a newfound motivation to write now. I’m not sure how long it will last, though. Also, I want to take a moment to thank members of GNJ. I’ve met interesting people along the way and lost some as well. However, every person I spoke with I enjoyed talking to!

What has happened recently… Well, I don’t recall much, but I have been sick for the past few days. I’ve been trying to catch up on work I missed, and I’m getting there. I am also working hard on my portfolio since I will be submitting it next week.

Other than that, I’ve been watching the Harry Potter movies; I finished Goblet of Fire half an hour ago. It’s funny to see how every single thing in the movie has importance, so there’s a lot of foreshadowing. There would be something as small as two characters looking at each other for a split second at the corner of a frame, meaning that they are to be seen together later on. Of course, other movies do this, but for Harry Potter, it’s every single thing.

I hope to write a little more, but because I’ll be really busy this next week or so, I’m not quite sure if I can. We’ll see.

That’s all for today.

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  1. OMG congrats on two entire years writing!!!! That’s so awesome! You should be proud of yourself for still being here and thinking of writing 😀

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