[208] ~*Wed – 02/28/18*~

[11:27 pm]

I didn’t write last night cause I just didn’t felt like it. Mon I ended up going to bed at like midnight cause I finally decided to watch a show and then I read until about 1 am. So much for being tired and going to sleep early. I slept until about 2:30 pm on Tue which my alarm was set up for three cause I had a bunch of stuff to do. I called the association and the girl couldn’t really help me out. She said she would ask someone else and get back to me. Really, I think I’m screwed on that part so I’m not expecting anything. I also called the guy for the door and he said he fixed something under the rubber, that the air shouldn’t come in anymore. I asked if I could get a new rubber but he didn’t see why I’d want a new one. Bleh! Cause I’m me and I like things to be perfect. I’m looking at the door and for some reason I don’t think it’s put the same and it has to be cause there’s no other way but yea, to me it’s not the same and it’s freaking bugging me. I really hate being me! I also called a few places to see if anyone sold a seatbelt extension cause I have a client that can’t buckle herself and it’s just breaking my heart. I can’t seem to find any so I will have to order one online.

Me and hub went to do a shop but it failed big time cause my cousin was working and she came and sat with us for a lil while so the thing went straight to hell. I couldn’t possibly do the shop on the waitress as when she saw my cousin sitting with us, she did the same. That said, I’ll have to go back tomorrow and try to get that done.

In general, my day was a big fail so I didn’t felt like writing last night. We came back home, I watched a few shows and played on my farming game.

As for today, I went for my laser which I wish this facial hair could just stop coming back but I guess this is the best I will have it. I can deal with it, it’s just a bit costly although the guy is pretty much giving it for nothing which I appreciate so much. I then worked and came back home to hub making us some food. I watched a few shows, played on my farming game and took a nice bath. It’s so cute cause one of my cat always comes in the bathroom with me when I go for a bath and lays beside the tub. I did the dishes and already took the garbage to the curb which I’m glad I did cause I had totally forgotten the light on in the car. I still need to clean the suggies tray in the morning and bring that to the curb but at least the major part is done.

I’ve been trying to come up with something to write on my brother’s tombstone and I just don’t know, it’s never good enough. I’ve came up with a few ideas in the general direction that I want it and sent it to my mom to see what she thinks. I’m just trying to push it back as late as I can cause I think as long as there isn’t a tombstone, he’s not there. There’s a cross with his name but it’s not the same, it’s not official.

I also can’t believe my Bday is in five days. I’m getting pretty scared cause I’m getting to the age I always told myself I would die at.

It’s getting late so I guess I should watch my episode now if I want to do that before heading to bed.




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