The Caduceus Angel from Another World

It started like any other night….I’m sitting here working late on my laptop. A slight cool breeze with a hint of the impending spring undertones lightly weighing down on the semi-brisk night air. I take a moment to look out the window into the dark and quiet, late winter night….The night is so quiet right now…Thoughts of going to sleep pass in and out of my mind but all I can think about is how did my life come to this point of being so monotonous at times. 

“Maybe I’ll go for a walk outside.”

Walking down the street for a while I just take in all the sounds of the night. I hear cars in the distance on other streets. The sound of the wind blowing through the trees, houses, and against my ears. I find myself thinking about various things in my life like I usually do when I go walking in the peaceful late night.

All the sudden, I heard a loud crackling noise. I look around me and off in the distance I see the source as I start walking a little faster to get to the whatever was the cause as it starts getting brighter and brighter. It was if on queue with  getting closer to the disturbance was….a flash….an electric and tense final burst.

I thought to myself and said aloud, “Its like a ripple in reality?”.

That was the moment, when beyond my comprehension and shock. She appeared….like a blinding light as I avert my eyes with the sleeve of my hoodie and took in the sight that would change my life…..’

“What is going on.? Wait, is that a person? Those wings attached to that slender yet toned frame Ive seen those before.”, as I thought back to my gaming days. I shook my head shrugging at first, not believing what my eyes were seeing at the moment.

“It can’t be”, starting to believe what I was seeing more as I saw the what looked to be a blaster attached to the mysterious woman’s hip. “the caduceus staff in her hand as she was kneeling panting from what I could only assume was the shock and weariness of the event of could only be described as a ripple in realities. I thought to myself I need to stop watching so many anime. “Seriously, Aria?”, saying to myself in a whisper and then ducking down a bit behind a nearby tree.  I started peering around it to look on still as I move my back against the rough bark of the tree. When I took a glance again, seeing what looked like a halo above the woman’s head.

I then hear a voice with an accent I knew for sure Ive heard before confirming what I still had yet to believe.

Angela Ziegler/Mercy: “Well, that was unexpected,” voice returning somewhat to normal given  from the ordeal she had just went through. Standing up as some body movement functions returned to normalcy a bit. Shaking herself a little and then examining the surrounding area. 

There was no mistaking it at all now….I know that voice and Swiss accent anywhere.

I kept blinking in disbelief, mind trying to wrap itself around this as I was again back to my gaming days as I looked on at the one and only Angela Ziegler. Code name: Mercy. Class/Hero: Support/Healer, armed with a caduceus blaster at and the most recognizable wings and staff that’s output is healing/damage boosting.

Angela starting to look around, “Well I suppose I should find out where I am”. She was still trying to wrap her mind around this as well from what I could tell clearly in her voice. I was debating at that very moment whether to say something, don’t want to shock the woman. We both were through such an ordeal that most likely both were still in shock.

“What a strange world, one minute Im in the middle of a training match and the next Im here. I hope Genji isn’t getting himself hurt again and Pharah is looking over everyone.”- Angela talking aloud.

Not even 20 feet from where I was between us. I must have not been paying attention because before I knew it I heard a blaster familiarly cocking as I start turning around to have Mercy staff in hand and her blaster pointed directly at me not even 5 feet from me. 

Well she is light footed, I never heard her coming up behind me because I was too busy thinking about what to say when we did run into each other.

I looked at her as she held the blaster aimed at me and how gorgeous she actually was in this reality. In looks one could draw comparisons to a Scarlet Johansson or a young Charlize Theron.  She had her hair up like she always does in most art pieces Ive seen and of course in the game I played as her/mained her. In that moment I saw in her eyes a look of confusion, questioning, resolve with an overwhelming feeling of warmth to her. I expected none less from the last part. She was always the one always looking over the rest in the comics and game.

After what seemed like an eternity (really was just 10 minutes or so). I managed to finally say something.

“Hi.”, said almost choking it out. Feeling a little nervous but not scared at all 

Mercy/Angela: “Hello there..who are you? Where am I? What world is this? As she looked at herself, around her, and me seemingly in one fell swoop.

“Well Im Aria Kadence Caleigh Rose. Youre in Asheville, North Carolina USA. 

“Wait? This is Earth. It looks so, pause different?

 “Well I can imagine. You are in a different reality from your own that you are used to. Maybe we could talk more about this without the blaster?”

“Different reality/Earth? Well I guess I never expected that one. As for the blaster, Im not much for guns or violence so this was more just a threat to see if I could trust you and so far I somewhat do so I will put it away. I definitely need more answers though. Is there somewhere we could go where we look less conspicuous. Especially me given that Im sure you have authorities and what not yes? holsters her gun and continues to look at me quizzically off and on

” Good and sure, whatever you want to know…Angela. Could go to my place, I have some clothes you could change into?”

“Okay sounds like a plan, lead on.”

As we are walking

“So I have to ask, do you want me to call you Mercy/Angela?”

” Angela is fine if you must”

“Okay, coolbeans”


” Oh its just something we say like awesome sauce or epic…basically slang or substituting of words.”

“Well I knew that, we have slang on my Earth too. Have you not heard Lucio and Dva talk?”

“Hehe yeah, for sure. I can’t believe this I have to say I never thought I would meet you. Never in my wildest imagination. Maining you and playing as you is one thing.”

“Well there you go laughs.  Wait, main/playing as me? Wait, that sounds like something Ive heard when Dva is going on about her gaming stuff. Theres a game based on our world and Overwatch you’re telling me? Our lives are a video game?”

“Yeah, I have more than 200 hours total playing as you. I love playing a healer because you feel so important because whether you have a good game healing or not measures for so much in a win or loss in the game.”

” I would never hear the end of this from Hana. I know it. I still can’t get over that Overwatch is a video game. That is very intriguing even though I never cared for video games.”

“Well I should let you look at some of the art, videos, stories, comics that are dedicated to you and the rest of the members of Overwatch. Even those like Reaper, Doomfist, and Widowmaker have been immortalized among many because of the game. You….though most of all, personify and bring hope to many.”

“I guess some things don’t change because it seems that Im heralded and revered by many in my world too…though hated by some that called us criminals. That’s why Overwatch was disbanded because of that and its the better for it. That time long has passed.”

“I hear you talking like that but it doesn’t sound like who you are at your core. Sounds to me like you have given up hope even though you are a beacon of it to so many. Anyway, its not my place to say anything to you on the subject probably.”

“Best we drop this subject, that is all.”

We arrive at the house and I unlock the door as we both walk in and I lock the door back. Neither of us saying much.

“So is there anyway for me to get back to my world?”

“ I don’t really know honestly but in the morning we will go back to the spot I saw you come out of and maybe there will be some kind of clue hopefully as to how to get you back. Until then we should get some sleep I believe?  as I hand Angela some of my clothes that are comfortable to sleep in.”

“Very well, first thing in the morning. Takes clothes out of my hand  Where is the bathroom to change? Thank you for the clothes.” She undoes her wings and leaves them by the stairs and staff as well.

“It will be up the stairs and to your right, first door you see. As I watch her already take off to go upstairs. Wow, I seriously can’t believe this is happening. Mercy, I mean Angela Ziegler is actually here in my house and going to sleep here. Amazing”, I say silently.            

Angela comes back downstairs 
“So what room am I to sleep in?”

“Upstairs to your left, first room on your left. Mine will be on the end of the hall to the right on the right.”

We both head up, exchange goodnights, and go to sleep. Although I don’t fall asleep for another couple hours thinking about everything that has happened. Could this be real? I think again as I fall into a deep sleep.

I woke up to the alarm beeping. I look at the alarm and it reads 7:30am. 

“Well I guess I better get up. Five hours is better than nothing I guess”- I say groggily

Getting up out of bed and heading down the hall to the bathroom. I freshen up and get dressed as I wonder if Angela is up yet. I walk to her room and knock on the door quietly. I hear nothing so I crack the door open slightly to see she is still asleep. then close it back as silently as I can. I thought to myself that she looked so peaceful and like a caduceus angel indeed. I then headed downstairs to make breakfast since the both of us had been through such an ordeal, more her for sure since shes the one in another world.  I mean she is away from everything she’s ever known and everyone, and in a totally foreign world to her. Deciding to make some omelets and coffee (Im not a coffee person but thought she may want some). I start by cutting up the peppers, onions, tomatoes, and prep the eggs as I make the coffee.

I still was questioning how the ripple even happened considering only seeing something like that in a sci-fi show or comic, hell even an anime plot. I was pretty positive that however it happened it had to have been initiated from her world. Unless, it was by some freak occurrence this happened and what ramifications could come from that is a whole another thing to worry about in itself. That would involve space, time; okay, I need to stop because its making my head hurt. I laugh to myself 

But what if it was on purpose. That’s a scary thought because if this was done by someone on the Earth she is from? To what end was this sinister plot for and by who? Clearly they wanted Angela out of the way probably because of her healing and her rez capability as minor as it was now because of all the changes unless that was just in the game and no effect on her in her reality/world. 

I go back to making breakfast as I process all this. I pour the coffee into one of the cups since it was ready to go I then hear light footsteps upstairs and in the bathroom. 

“Well someone is finally awake” I chuckle silently to myself. 

I hear Angela coming downstairs as Im just finishing up the omelets and set them on plates.

“Morning,” she says walking into the kitchen.

“Good morning,” I reply.

“How did you sleep?”

“I was pretty restless at first but finally fell asleep after a bit.” Angel says yawning.

“I made some omelets and coffee if you want?”

“Sure, that sounds lovely.”

I sit down at the table after handing her plate and cup of coffee then pour myself some water. She sits down as well and taking a couple bites of the omelet along with a sip of coffee. She then looks outside

“Its beautiful here now that Ive seen it in the daylight. The mountains look so grand”

“Yeah it is, especially if you go up to the Blue Ridge Mountains or Black Mountain and look over the surrounding area. Its truly amazing. 

“That’s most impressive”

“I meant to ask. So given last night and all- How do you think you got here?”

“Its weird, like I said. I was just in a training session and all the sudden there was a bright light/flash then I ended up where you found me. Whatever it is I want to get to the bottom of it.”

“Same here, to me it doesn’t seem like just some random occurrence or freak phenomena.”

“I agree, so lets go.”

“Ok just going to set our plates and what not in the sink then I’ll be ready”


We walk out the door as I close to the door behind us and we start walking down the street and a mile or two to the scene of the occurrence.

“Okay we are here, this seems to be the spot from last night so I see slight marks from the flash from where you came out. Im no expert but it feels like theres some kind of presence of something still here. Even though I don’t see anything from the blind eye.”

“Yeah I feel it to, whatever it was the area is still charged with some kind of not residual static-like charge. Surprised I wasn’t electrocuted from it in the process of getting here.”

“This feels like it wasn’t just some freak event”

“Exactly, I mean if this was a just some strange matter that just happens.”

“What do we do?”

“We investigate further and find out as much as we can.”

“Do you think someone from your world had anything to do with this?”

“Im not ruling it out but it seems a bit out of their scope if you understand what I mean. Talon or the Omnics never had this kind of capability so Im seriously wondering myself”

“Makes me think we should be careful because if the ripple is open still somehow that means others may have come through after you just to keep tabs on you/track you. I mean they are willing to go this far to get you out of the way. Whatever they are planning it can’t be good at all.” A concerned look on my face.

“You bring up some solid points here, I just wish I could have some kind of communication with the rest of the team back on my Earth. Winston could probably crack this.” Angela says as a matter of factly but clearly concerned herself.

”Let’s give it one more once over, look over the surrounding area one more time then head back to the house.” I say to Angela as I look around in the opposite direction.

This is so strange, this has to be man made the more we look around and somehow they caused a fracture between our two realities. I think to myself, continuing to search around. I then trip and then feel something poke my rib rolling over from my stomach to my side I look an astonishingly find what looks to be a Bluetooth earpiece of some sort. 

“Awesome sauceeeee! Even if finding it by accident”, I say loudly

Angela comes rushing after hearing me exclaim loudly.

”What did you find?” A smile of relief forming across her face.

I show her the ear piece. A look of concern comes across her face and takes it from me to look at it again.

“I’ve seen this before but it’s different, upgraded. It belongs to Talon but something is different….it’s almost as if has some robot tech to it as well. I was with Winston when we defeated both Talon and the Omnics breaking down their tech. I was curious to see how their tech worked. This has both which means something is definitely wrong” A look of hope comes back to her face thinking that Genji, Pharah, of team are okay and handling this then looks at me.

”We need to go back to your place, now Aria.”

“I was thinking the same and get out of plain sight.” As we head back to the house quickly.

About an hour later we were back at the house in the kitchen taking a closer look at the earpiece device. Angela was getting some with me sitting at the counter on a barstool.

“Hmm….” holding the talking piece in my hand

“What is it?” 

Angela looked at me with a questioning look on her face

“Just was thinking. This has a radius and a receiver so maybe we could track back to it’s source.”

“How did you come up with that on your own?” Angela walked closer with an impressed look on her face. 

”I read a lot of detective stories and watch a lot of shows. It was worth a guess.”

“That’s pretty good deducing there, detective Ari.” Angela chuckles a little and smiles

“Careful now, that may stick.” I laugh as well

We exchange a look, a look that a beginning friendship invites.

“So what else did you find?”

“Not much, its high-end and well put together tech from what my mostly amateur eyes can see. I would take it to someone that knows more about it like a Geek Squad or the police but at this point I think that would be a bad idea because we don’t know who’s watching you know.”

“Yeah and I don’t have any way of communicating with my team back on my Earth.” Angela nods.

“Well we just may have to do it ourselves then since we don’t know who we can trust here. What do you think we should do.”

“I think we should take it to the authorities just in case. We will just be mindful of how we get there and back to make sure we take precautions.” 

“Yeah, that’s true. So lets go over there and then when we get back I’ll make us some dinner or something if you’d like? I mean youre the guest here in my house, its the least I can do given everything that’s happened. I feel like all this that’s happening has made us friends. I want to do whatever I can to get you back to your world.” I say with a concerned smile and look at Angela as she takes a sip of water then sets it down on the kitchen counter by the sink. Looking at her with her blonde hair which was actually down for once covering part of her face. Just then I thought. Wait, am I actually checking her out?  I quickly shake my head  I felt like a girl in high school with a crush on another girl for a moment even though Ive been with women before but this was different. This was Angela Ziegler. I then put it out of my mind as she turns back around to walk over to me.

“Ready to head over, Miss detective?”

“Oh Im never going to live that down am I?”

“I don’t believe so.” She kind of slightly pokes me in the ribs and touches my arm trailing off.

We both laugh again, heading out the door closing the door behind us and

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