Tuesday: Week 1

The insomnia is back in full force, having to exhaust myself almost completely just to sleep. Even the sleep I get isn’t all that great. This really sucks when you’re trying to get work done because when I’m too exhausted, I can barely understand English. Most of the time I can’t even think straight. Trust me, all I want is one night where I can sleep all night, deeply, without my brain thinking about anything. Gosh wouldn’t that be great. Unfortunately, most teachers don’t take “sleep deprived” as a valid reason for not turning in homework. I fell asleep for 30 minutes in class today when I really needed to be doing work. I woke up feeling even more tired than before I slept. Now that I think about it, I don’t even remember falling asleep. That’s the problem. I don’t even dream anymore. It’s only on the nights when I can get truly peaceful sleep that my mind allows itself to dream. 

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