Wednesday work from home

Working from home today cause I want to focus and catch things up. I found that I get a lot more done when I work from home and I like to do it once every while when I want to really focus. Started a day around 9 AM and working from a coffee shop in Ktown now. Wanted to go to DTLA at my favorite coffee shop but some reason the bus I took just stopped at Ktown and did’t go farther. I was going to take another bus to continue my journey to downtown but changed my mind to stay in Ktown since I remembered the place I wanted to try.

Came here couple hours ago and working since then. Having the second cup of coffee right now after getting back to Lucy for the My box project that we worked on awhile ago. I think it was last year lol.

The weather got a lot nicer today. Not too cold and sunny as usual. Gonna spend more time here working and probably go find a place to eat for lunch around here.

No plans for the rest of the night but need to get back to my side project and Spanish homework.

How’s your day goin? 🙂

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