I am exhausted of the way I feel everyday.  I go to bed everynight with the most optimism for the next day. But I wake Up feeling at my lowest. It starts as soon as I open my eyes, sometimes I shed a few tears too. I get up completely unwilling to do anything, drag myself to do things all day. No energy!! It’s like the whole world is moving and I’m stuck at the same place. I feel shattered and I walk around feeling empty. I have no idea what exactly  contributed to these feelings because I used to be a happy person despite of having a no perfect life. I feel utterly sad. I think about all the people who I have crossed paths with. Most of them never intended to stay. Some of them who wanted to stay were pushed away for I was too scared to be vulnerable. 

I miss the old me. The one with no walls. The one with no fears and insecurities! 






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