Believe in yourself 100%. Because no one else will.

I was once told by someone I love very much that I wouldn’t be able to survive on my own. At the time, our situation was unfortunate, and it may have been out of anger that they said this. My self esteem was so low, that I foolishly believed them. I would often ponder in the back of my head if I could indeed survive on my own, or if I would always remain someones “dependent.” 

Now, it wasn’t your usual situation. I had a job. I was actually damn good at getting, and keeping them. I also had a car. We were sharing all of the bills. But for some reason, they felt that I wouldn’t/couldn’t survive on my own. Could it because I hate driving? I’ll admit, that is a huge reason why I don’t go anywhere on my own. I am afraid to drive long distances. 

Well, it was as if the universe was telling me that I could survive on my own. It put us in a situation where we had to move hours apart. I now have my own apartment, job, car, and I am paying for every single thing on my own. Not only that, I am also stacking away a nice amount of savings. It has been almost a year.

Living alone has helped me grow into the woman I am. I had to re-define myself. Get to know who Renee was all over again. I enjoyed every moment of it. I am still with this person, and always will be. I love them, and they love me. They are not abusive, they are actually very loving and caring. Like I said, our situation was unfortunate, and so those hurtful words could have been said out of anger. 

I am sure they see now. I am a survivor. I never give up, and I can do anything I put my mind to. Never challenge a woman who is living for herself. She will show you that she doesn’t need you. The only reason you are in her life is because she WANTS you. 

2 thoughts on “Believe in yourself 100%. Because no one else will.”

  1. Yesssss!!! love this post! good job girl! i am a work in progress. i love myself and know what im capable of, however, im going to soon be a single woman with 2 kids and it is very scary to think about. i havent been independent for 15 years now, because my husband never wanted me to work. i know ill be fine, just going to be a huge adjustment in this new chapter of life. you are super inspiring though!

  2. Mrs. JCarton310,
    Thank you for reading my post. I am glad that I could inspire you. If I can say anything about your situation, as silly as it may sound; just remember one thing. You are a woman. History has shown that we are constantly trying to be controlled, and yet we always rise. Like you said, you will be fine. This stranger will be cheering you on behind a screen. 🙂 Good luck.

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