He won’t let me out of his sight. He’s shadowing my every step.

And yet an hour later I’m taking insulin and drinking a sugared soda so I dont have to eat.  I told him that and he didn’t seem to care. He got his check today and he’s backed out of getting groceries to make tacos until tomorrow when I get my check.  And it looks like he’s backing out of dollar tree to get something for me to eat other than a bowl of rice.  Yet he’s wanting to know if everything is alright between us.  I can’t help but wonder if I let him stay with me a couple of more week I’ll be the blob that disgusts him again.   I’m going to confront him about his penis being sore about the same time she held on to it too tight,  about not being free and being called fresh cunt and not being free was only temporary, and about his sex drive going to zero and accuse him of leaving the room at night under guise that I’ve still got friends in law enforcement following him.  Pulling favors and showing me his text and following him at night and see if he fesses up.  A man’s sex drive doesn’t go from a thousand to zero in 24 hours.

Now he’s gone to sleep again.  He was up most of the day and very attentive.  He went to sleep around 445.  I know he won’t get up again until around midnight.  I tried to confront him about it and all the lies he’s broken and he denies all of it. He’s gone.  I’m going to give him the note I wrote to him and tell him to pack his shit and go.  I don’t care if he has to spend the next 2 weeks in his car or not.

The water was turned back on for like 2 minutes and now it’s back off again.  It’s been off since 630 this morning.

I should just stick with Jeff.  He doesn’t turn me on like Ian did.  He’s lousy in bed.  Hopefully I can train him to do for me what Ian did.

Now he’s asleep since 430 and swore he would get up to go to dollar tree and didn’t.  Just another broken promise.   He will wake up around 10 or 11 maybe later and I’m sure he will go to the butch and spend most of the night. Tonight when he leaves I’m going to tape the note to the door and lock the deadbolt so he can’t get back in. 

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