Exams And Letters

My final exams started today and I honestly don’t know how to feel about it. I had my physics paper today and it was good I suppose. I have bio on Monday and I have to start studying for it. I don’t know I just feel so aloof all the freaking time. Like I’m just waiting for days to pass by. It’s like an everlasting blur.

To be honest I think my mom is more scared about my exams than I am. I’m really really grateful to have such amazing parents. I also met my ex bestfriend today and she acted like she missed me didn’t ditch me for other people. It was almost like we were back in time when we were connected by the waist. But sadly everything’s changed.

I also need to clean my room and get my eyebrows done. I just started this thing a few days ago where I write a letter to any person I’ve met in my life and just tell them the things I could never say to them in person since we’ve all drifted apart and it honestly calms me down. But you know what, I’m glad. Maybe they don’t care about me now and might have probably forgotten about me but they made me feel content and happy before and that’s the thing that matters at the end of the day. The good things. And it calms me down and it’s like a reminder that it’s okay to care. Maybe, one day I’ll look back at it and just smile. on the inside.

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