idk what to do

 i honestly dk what to do anymore its like i dont care about anything im just so angry all the time everyone just vexes me especially my family 

i live with my dads side and his sister just irritates the fuck outta me she tells me one day that attitudes going to get u a slap from me like babes ur 4ft nothing stfu i obviously didnt say that but if im so damn rude tf are u talking to me anyways for then huh 

why cant i just be a normal 15 yr old girl who lives with her parents and siblings in a house ffs

why does everything piss me off even the little things and honestly no one understands how i feel i just want to break something scream in a pillow hope something bad happens to me not even for attention just because i deserve it and tbh i dont even want their pity or sympathy like no get lost with that shit ik this post is al over the place but there so many things i cant explain properly all relating but different topics

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