So it’s been a month…

I managed to keep this journal for the entire month of February. I feel accomplished. I usually can never keep up with writing journal entries for this long. I either get bored or forget about it entirely. But something about this one makes me wanna stay. The thought that someone’s reading this gives me a sort of thrill. If that makes any sense whatsoever. So I’ll definitely keep writing in this thing.

The past month has been eventful yet…not. I never got a job. I still have no clue as to what I plan on doing with my life. I’m pretty sure the only thing that went well for me this month is my sex life. I still currently have two friends with benefits, Dwayne and Marcus. Yeah, Krystal and Peyton both broke it off with me but I’m not upset about that. I have two guys who I enjoy being around and fooling around with.

I’m in a good place with most of my friends. I nearly lost Kyle for good but the two of us are on speaking terms again. There’s some bad history with two of my friend groups (we all used to be one group) but I’m not letting that control me. I’ll hang with both sides whenever I want to.

As I type this sentence, it’s 9:40 PM on the last day of February. I’m laying in my bed, body under a blanket, watching YouTube and soaking in the darkness. 

I really hope next month is eventful. I want something big to happen. Whether it’s bad or good, we’ll see. I’d gladly welcome anything to make life a little less boring. 

Goodnight, journal.

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