Don’t even know how to describe how stuck I feel. Do I tell you that I know about things you don’t tell me? You say that you want me and that I’m everything that you wanted but you were scared. But how can someone truly mean that when they’ve been lying for so long? I miss when I didn’t know everything and I held every word you said in my heart. I love you, and i don’t want to let go….but every time you tell me you want my attention all I can think of is the other girls your telling this to. You say you want me but in the same day you call another woman fucking gorgeous. 

Never been so stuck. 

One thought on “Stuck”

  1. i can relate 100%!
    ive been lied to for so many years and been told that i meant everything to my husband while he was having multiple relationships with other women. you cant control other people, but you can control how you react to their actions. its sad. its heartbreaking. but you have to know that you dont deserve any of this at all. you are better than that. unless youve been cheating too, which i doubt. stay positive and just be the best version of yourself that you can be. meditation, prayer, journaling, and talking about my situation are all things that have helped me get through my rough time. and i still have a long way to go.

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