[210] ~*Fri – 03/02/18*~

[11:03 pm]

Time is going by way too fast tonight. I came home from work and thought I had plenty of time but now I basically have none left.

This morning was very brutal. I first woke up and looked at the time with of course an hour left to sleep. While I was trying to fall back asleep I got out of bed in a hurry cause I realized I had totally forgotten to feed the suggies last night. I normally either clean the kitchen or feed them and since I had cleaned the kitchen, I forgot to feed them. I feel so horrible for doing so. That said, I fed them this morning at like 7:30 am. After doing that, I went back to bed but started feeling horrible. I had pain in my belly and felt like puking. Let’s just say, I surely didn’t fall back asleep. When I finally got out of bed I was on the toilet with a bucket and started crying cause it was painful. I didn’t puke but I was sorta having a hard time with my breathing. I really didn’t wanted to go to work and hub wanted me to call in sick but I couldn’t cause my client of this morning had an apt and I didn’t wanted her to miss it cause of me as I knew it was too late to try to find a replacement. 

I went to work with the intention of coming back home after my first or second client but I ended up working my whole day. After my first client I went to eat at McDonald’s, of all places. I just felt like eating their nuggets for some reason and thought it was a very bad idea with me feeling nauseous but surprisingly, it helped and I then felt better. I also didn’t felt my day too bad, it kinda went by very quickly.

When I got home I called my mom and my friend which both weren’t home so I started watching a show. My friend then called so I talked to her for like half an hour and then my mom called so I talked to her for like an hour. I was working on my brother’s tombstone and had sent her pictures to see which one she liked better but then she kinda wanted a mix of both so I had to work on it while talking to her on the phone. We finally agreed on one. After all that work, let’s just hope they can actually take the one I made cause I’m not sure they can but they should. We also agreed on what to write on the stone as she picked the one thing I wrote that she liked the most. Now I just need to call next week to make my order.

After talking to mom, I finally made myself something to eat and now I’m writing before watching one more show before heading to bed to read a bit before sleep. (There’s a lot of before in that last sentence.. lol!) I checked the mail today and received a card from my mom. I cried and made hub cry from my crying. I just can’t take it when I read “with love mom” without my dad. It just hits me so hard when she signs the cards, why I don’t like receiving them. I already don’t like receiving cards cause I find that it’s a waste. But yea.. I can’t believe me crying because of it made my husband cry.

So yea, today was quite a day, once again. My mucus is still annoying the hell out of me so I really need to make an apt with the doc and try to figure something cause this isn’t normal anymore, it’s been two months.

I’m sure there’s other things I wanted to talk about but that’s it for now cause it’s getting super late. I also need to remember to feed the suggies before I head to bed.




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