Second Choice

So you came down and we met two days ago. It was perfect, I wish you could’ve stayed longer. When you left, you gave me the longest and tightest hug and I knew. On your way back, you were texting me. I said I miss you already and you said you’re sorry. You said you should stay away cause you don’t want me to be sad. Then you told me about your girlfriend. You said things might change for you because you found out she’s been unfaithful. You said its hypocritical but It’s different with me. That you’d never have done it if it wasn’t for how you felt about me. 

I don’t know if I should tell you how I really feel. You talk to me about her cheating on you and I tell you to forgive her. I tell you that you’ve done the same thing and that both of you should talk. I’m telling you one thing but my heart screams for you to leave her and chose to love me. Can’t you see that I’m hurting? I feel all kinds of manipulated and guilt. I don’t want to be your second choice. Maybe I should have made it clear to you but I just liked you too damn much and I wasn’t ready to say goodbye. I’m still not.



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