Day One- How do I go on?

How? How do I move on? It’s been almost one year since we broke up and I think about you everyday. Am I obsessed? Am I okay? No one fulfills my life like you. You moved on. You found love. You found a good girl. Does she know you like I knew you? Does she know you don’t like chocolate? Does she know you were homeless? Does she know you use to hang out at the library when you had no where else to go? Does she know I’m the one who helped you? You were the reason I woke up in the morning. You are the reason I’m still alive. I tried to move on, from one guy to another. No one is like you. Who else will drive 12 hours to go visit me? Who else will show me the love you gave me. Now you have a girl, she’s probably right next to you as I’m laying in my bed alone. The memories and euphoria make me feel like I’m trapped, How do I move on? Day by day I sit awaiting by my phone to hear your voice again, to relive our memories together. I have all the notes and letters you mailed me. I have the promise ring you gave me, the promise that you would stay in love with me forever. Three years of my life with you was like a lullaby that would make you fall asleep as long as you heard it, and never awoke until the day the lullaby ended and you were no longer mine. How do I go on?

2 thoughts on “Day One- How do I go on?”

  1. i know its so incredibly hard to get over an ex. keep your head up and just try to stay positive. you will be ok, it just takes time. talking about it and journaling will help also. try to keep an open heart and an open mind and youll be fine.

  2. How could i go on. I deleted numbers, notes, photos, things that could remind me of the past. I cut the thread ( imagine a thread between you and him and cut it letting him go, letting self be free as a bird) as many times as my mind tried to play a trick with me and show me pictures of US being together. No illusions should have stayed. I focused on self development instead, on art, on books that inspire to live life 200%. And i said to myself as a prayer: if i love him, than i love his choice, his new path, his new reality and wish him all happiness he wants, i am building my new life too, i am building my richer and more harmonious future, i am grateful for every experience and am taking the lightest inspiring thoughts with me.

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