Entry 2

Hello everyone,

Thank you for everyone that responded to my last entry. I honestly didn’t think anyone would reply, but I’m happy I was wrong. So yeah. Anyways, yesterday I went to my nutritionist that I’ve been seeing for a few weeks. I haven’t gained anything or lost anything, but that’s okay. I know I’ve been eating a little worst than usual since I’ve been at my dad’s for the last two weeks. However, I want to say the bad part of my eating is still better than it’s been in the past. So I still think that’s a win.  Plus, I’ve been cooking for myself a lot more instead of mostly eating processed junk while my boyfriend is at work (He’s the cook and a good one at that, I’m spoiled.)

Today I don’t have much to say. So I guess I’ll complain about the snow for a minute. This entire winter, there was just a dusting of snow. Usually by noon it would be gone. Everywhere there were signs of springs. But now its a blizzards outside. For the last two weeks its snowed and snowed. Really? Did winter forget its job and is trying to make up for lost time? I was so ready to bike the trails by my house, come on! 


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