[211] ~*Sat – 03/03/18*~

[11:12 pm]

I almost and I say, almost, worked all my hours this week. Haha! No one had cancelled yet but my morning client of today cancelled. I was glad cause my belly was still acting up. It wasn’t as bad as yesterday but it was still a bit painful. I stayed in bed until 1:30 pm, I didn’t wanted to get up cause I didn’t wanted to deal with the pain. I just hope it doesn’t do it tomorrow cause that’s gonna be harsh if I have to work at the store with belly pain. It’s just weird. Kinda remind me when I had my stones attacks but less painful. I think that’s why I now have a sleeping disorder cause when I had stones, I would always have huge pain in the mornings so I started being scared of sleeping cause I knew the morning meant pain.

Anyways, we went to see Death Wish which was really good. I had brought some popcorn with me but ended up not even touching it. I really hate my purse when it comes to going to the movies cause I had a hard time fitting everything in it. Like I’ve said before, I really like my purse in general, just not when it’s movie time. 

I finally ordered a seatbelt extension. I was debating on paying an extra $20 to have it shipped in two weeks instead of like two months but I finally decided on just waiting the two months. I’m mostly getting one for this one client as most of the time she can’t buckle herself and that client mostly always ends up cancelling so it should be fine with waiting two months. 

Beside that, I’ve been watching shows and playing on my farming game. I’ve also took a nice relaxing bath and did the dishes. I don’t really do much more than that. Like I was saying a few nights ago, my life is quite boring, nothing exciting happening. My Bday is in two days and I don’t plan on doing anything. I’ve also fed the suggies. I still can’t believe I totally forgot to feed them the other night, I still feel bad about it.

Well, I felt like watching another show before heading to bed but I better just go to bed now as it’s getting late and of course I want to read before sleeping. I’m currently reading a book that has been on my reading list for a very long time and I’m starting to wonder why I even put it on there cause I’m not too sure about it yet. It’s interesting but I’m not sure it’s enough for me to really be reading it. I will keep reading a bit more to decide but there’s a whole series of this. We shall see.

I hope my day of tomorrow goes well. I’m sorta not looking forward working at the store cause they did a reset of it and the whole store is changed so I won’t know where a darn thing is and will have to learn the whole store again. Blah!




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