Calm before the storm

 i know, i know..its been a long time since i have been here.

many people think i’m so calm but they don’t know i’m the calm before the storm.  hehe, when i explode, i take everything with me,cause destruction. so, friendly advice for bullies is : don’t push me. I don’t let anyone bully me, i strike back! no messing around me. 

well,my result came and i’m furious at how i could get a B in SRS,like seriously??? and in communication skills, my class is shocked at my B, lol. well, we all talked to head of department and she said she’ll have  a talk with our 

migraine has started cuz i was continuously thinking about smth.  

Also, i need to get this thru my thick skull: NO WAITING!!! to not make a fool out of myself and wait. get on about my work and go to sleep. 

went to sleep feeling like shit, got up feeling better. didnt go to uni today. the whole day yesterday was spent in writing proposal for research methods. wrote a 2 page lit. review of a single paper. 

i had only one lab today. from 8-11 but in hate this lab cuz the instructor would not tell us a word of coding but wont let us go before 11:30. he lets us leave when we have shown him the running program. it irritates me like nothing else.  so, me, my sister and one other friend, we all planed it but my 4th friend in my group of 5 also didn’t go to uni. so, there were 4 seats empty in a row. the instructor commented on us that they did it with a plan. also there’s an IEEE group in my class. me and that group, everyone in the department knows us. so, our absence wasn’t gonna go unnoticed but he pointed out lol. my other friend sent me an audio telling me what he said and that totally cracked me up!! 

gotta go,have a good day y’all!




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