Saturday March 3rd

I have decided to go back to school. I am starting my first class on Tuesday. I will be finished with my certification by next summer. I will start actively looking for jobs. I am definitely going to stay where I am for next year- that is unless I can get something downtown or super easy, like a homebound job. The nursing thing is just not realistic. I am too close to retiring from my job now and I would make less money and work more days. I am going to stay where I am living now until I finish my degree. That would be for the best for several reasons. First, I will have that loan paid off, I will have my tax refund money from next year, and if I am lucky enough to get an admin job, I can buy a much better house. I want to really wait, anyway until I find something really special- exactly what I want. I don’t even know what I want right now. The place I’m living now is plenty big enough for just me, but John doesn’t have a yard here. And I hate that there are no windows in the front and no where to put the garbage cans. And I hate all that pavement- that the front of the house is a parking lot. It’s very ugly. 

I was supposed to go to Louisville with Joy today, but she backed out on me. I got some stuff done for school and cleaned a little. I will definitely need to go to work tomorrow. I have an idea about what direction to take the 7th grade stuff next week. I wish we had the same books that we had at LTMS. They were so much better. The books at my school are fucking worthless. If I can bullshit my way through 50 more days with those 7th graders, maybe I won’t have to deal with them next year. Ugh. If she doesn’t give me all 6th grade, I am gonna lose it. I can’t do 7th grade all year next year. This year has been bad enough. I just can’t. 

My mother has ghosted from my life again. She’s got Bethany moving back to Lexington so I’m out again. I bought a bed- spent 2000 so she would have a place to stay in Lexington, and I bet she never stays with me again once Bethany moves back here. She didn’t last very long as my support system. She was calling me every day when I first moved back, and now she never calls. She has moved on. 

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