[212.1] ~*Sun – 03/04/18*~

[10:50 pm]

I just spent the whole evening on the phone. I talked with my friend for like an hour and a half and I then talked with my mom for like an hour. After writing a bit earlier, I ate and watched a show and then called my friend and basically been on the phone ever since and just put it away now. My ear hurts! Lol!

So beside the whole car thing, work wasn’t too bad although it was a lot of work once again as I had to pack some stuff and I have no idea where things are now that they changed the whole store around. It was funny thought, looking at people coming in and being so confused when the doors were inverse and then to see the store being inverse as well. The day went by very fast. I normally always look at the time cause it goes by slowly after my lunch but I only did once today and it was already 4 pm. This store reset surely is keeping us busy.

Now it’s pretty much 11 pm and I’m a bit tired but I feel like I haven’t done a thing since I was on the phone for like two and a half hour. I should take a bath cause my body will feel it tomorrow if I don’t. I only work at noon tomorrow but still, I feel like sleeping.

I can’t believe it’s already my Bday tomorrow. I don’t think I’ll be doing anything special since I’m working. I might go to the Casino after work and hope that I can be lucky for once. I mean come on, I’ve had enough bad luck for a while. Can I just be a bit lucky for my Bday?!

Anyways, that’s pretty much it for today. My poor car being backed into which we’ll need to settle things with the insurance tomorrow. Work was okay and I am now tired. I really don’t feel like taking a bath but I know I should as it helps my body, especially my feet after a day of work at the store. I have a feeling if I do take one that I will fall asleep in the tub. I normally read while relaxing but I don’t even know if I can keep my eyes open to read if I lay.

Either way, I should get going.




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