3/4/18 — muddy shoes

Just getting home. Yesterday I spent the night at Preston’s house, which is why I couldn’t write in here. Anyways, so at like 3 or 4 in the morning yesterday I had sent in a job application to Bucklea clothing store in the mall that’s literally right next door. I had gotten an automatic email back saying to call to schedule an interview. I had never seen that before. Usually I’d have to wait for them to contact me if they wanted to hire me. But no, I was actually able to call and schedule an interview right away. So later on in the day I called and made an appointment for ten in the morning on Monday.

Tomorrow. I really hope I get the job! 

I hung out at the mall for a while before going back to Preston’s house to spend the night. The two of us plus his friend Tyler went into a secluded area in the woods so those two could fish. I’m not a fishing person so I was bored, but it was pretty calm and quiet out there and the mosquitoes were very minimal. On the way back to his place I managed to step in a lot of mud. My shoes looked ruined! Hopefully I can get them cleaned up before the job interview tomorrow because those are my only shoes.

Being around those two was difficult. Preston’s pansexual and Tyler’s bisexual, and a lot of gay jokes were made directed at me. But unfortunately nothing happened with those two. They’re really cute and it’s hard not to stare sometimes.

I slept on and off throughout the night. I had Preston’s aunt bring me home. Which brings us to now. I walked in the door about fifteen minutes ago and now I’m laying in bed. I have a serious crick in my neck. I’m hungry. I wish my shoes were clean so I could go to the mall and play a few games of Pump

That’s all for this journal I guess.

1:07 PM

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