I Tried….

I put time and energy into not being assigned students. Memos, phone calls….learned a lot and for awhile I thought it worked…yeah not so much. Yesterday I was assigned someone. I explained what was going on and found out that one other student was turned down by others. I decided to take the student and it worked out fine. However that doesn’t change the fact that I don’t want them and starting next cycle I will be nice and explain again how I feel as it doesn’t help the student and causes extra work for the supervisor and makes me look like a bad person but at the end of the day I will just refuse and walk away! I can do that, but really didn’t want to be in that situation because I’ll feel bad. But I did try to do it right. I’ve been up since midnight and thankfully it’s a short shift for me and I don’t have to work tomorrow or the next day, I’ll get through today. I’ll buy a coffee, it will be OK. I see the Med Dr. the day after next and as I go back and forth about wanting to stop on of the meds I am in the place of questioning whether it’s a good idea….but I’m going to try it anyway. There it is…still not doing the writing that I would like to do. Maybe sometime soon. Thanks 

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