So today I was side swiped with a rude statement by a 17 year old coworker. We were talking about baby fever and she tell’s me “imagine being told you have to wait 2 years” this threw me off I was shook what does a 17 want with a baby now anyways? Confused I ask “what do you mean you’re 17?” and she continues to tell me how she is engaged and getting married at the end of this year because she will be 18. No big deal what ever you think you’re ready for that thats cool good for you. So I say well then don’t you think its a good thing you’re boyfriend wants to wait 2 years to have a baby then? I shit you not with out skipping a beat she looks at me with a straight face and flat out says in the most condescending way possible  “I’m engaged to be married and you’re single. I think I am ahead of you at life” there it was smack right across my face probably one of the biggest insults I have ever heard, and let me tell you I heard my husband tell you you don’t know what its like to love someone you would do anything for and he was not talking about me. But I digress all I could think was how rude. I don’t know why it offended me so much I just could not wrap my head around someone saying such a blunt statement to another person. Maybe it hit a nerve reminding me of what I had and how big a mess that was, or maybe it was the fact that this girl was 17 years old basically saying “what do you know”  and honestly I don’t know why it is still bothering me, I know I shouldn’t but I kind of cant help it. All I can say is  she is in for a rude awakening when the real world hits her and she isn’t living comfortable with mom and dad she is on her own and her child husband can hardly provide food for them I wonder if she might see my point of view then. I feel like I am rambling at this point so I will leave it at this. Just because someones life doesn’t fallow your your life plan or idea of a life plan does not make you any better or well off than them things happen at different times for everyone so why would you try and make that person feel bad for it?

2 thoughts on “rude”

  1. Lol. The sad thing is, she will learn the very very hard way. Someone who jumps into a marriage and “family life” that young will one day wake up matured, and say “wtf was I thinking.” Hopefully for her sake, she will be one of those rare happily ever after cases. Doubtful. Don’t take it to heart dear. She’s young, dumb, and full of piss and vinegar.

  2. thank you! you are so right I shouldn’t of let it get to me but man did it make me mad lol

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