I put on clothes so I could go to church but I was late so I gave up.  Bussing it sometimes makes me late.  Oh well.  Now I’m in Soulard at the Bread Co and I’m going to eat lunch at Saints Peter and Paul at noon.  It’s only 10:00am.  I barely got any sleep, only a few hours, but for being tortured with sonic wave weapons, that’s pretty good.  Beats no sleep and being conscious and tortured.

I’m not allowed to call 911 anymore or I’ll go to  jail.  Apparently, the police don’t like if you report crimes and they can’t find anyone.  They can’t go in buildings and private residences so what can they do anyway?  I mean, what does it take to get a warrant?  Fuck.  So…one police officer decided that I hear voices.  I do not.  Some asshole at GMP told the police that and they are committing crimes there.  I’m going to sue the employee at GMP in civil court for that one.  I really hate it that not that many people call the police in my area and then I do and they say I’m hearing voices because no one else reports it.  Hello?  It’s southside where few people report crimes at all.  Geesh, that doesn’t mean I am hearing things like gunshots or someone crying for help and being raped.  Argh.


Anyway, I’m flat broke.  I have a little food but it won’t last.  I hope the FBI can make everything all better and they should have been on this in St Louis the whole 8 years.  


Still alive despite sonic wave weapons being used on me in my home.  Lots of health problems now but still alive.  I miss my kith and kin.  *sigh*

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