true colors

Well,  he showed his true colors this morning.  He left the room twice during the night and didn’t wake me up to tell me either time so I wouldn’t worry.  At the end of the month he’s gone.  I shouldn’t have been so stupid to trust him.  Fat women don’t attract handsome, thin men that look good.  Stupid, stupid, stupid.  What the hell is wrong with me?   Why do I trust men or anyone at all for that matter.  

Woke up an hour ago and haven’t said two words to him and he could  care less.  No good looking man would pay attention to me even if I was the last woman on earth.  I’m just that ugly and repulsive.  Its the end of relationship.  I really did fall for this guy hard.  Murray the cat loves him to death.  Purrs for him and plays with him….he even snuggles up to him.  Murray doesn’t doesnt do any of that for me.   I’ve finally realized the reason he sleeps all day so he can stay up all night and doesn’t have to sleep in bed with me,  the ugly blob.

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