5th/March/2018 Monday

Trying to reflect back on all the things I felt all day. Mostly it always starts with lots of anxiety and negative thoughts but, as the day passes by, I somehow always manage to let go of all the bad thoughts and conclude everything positively before I sleep. I never go to bed mad or angry. It’s something that took me a long time to learn. I have the slightest idea of how my tomorrow is going to be. Most probably the same cycle where I wake up feeling like a fucking shit and fight that feeling all day but I really do hope tomorrow will be different. I hope tomorrow I wake up happy and I hope I don’t wish I had never woken up. I hope tomorrow I wake up with nothing but a good mind. 

Before I sleep, I want to let go of all the bad feelings and burdens of today. I let go of my pain, my unquenchable curiosities, my failures, my lost love, my anger and my resentments. 


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