After school.

Today was a good day, considering it was a Monday after a long weekend. 

I got home from my Jimmy’s, my friends, place at around 4:50 PM. The two of us woke up together at 11:30, went for a swim and then had breakfast at the cafe by the beach. We hung out at his place with two of our other friends, Maria and Tatiana, and played with his kittens before we had to go home.

I talked with Tony a lot during the day on Sunday, but not so much during Saturday night. That was mainly because I didn’t want Tony to be too worried about me at a high school party. Although he did text me before the party started to make sure that I was being responsible, not drinking much, and not getting taken advantage of.

I had a phone call with Tony when I got back to my mum’s place. We talked about how school was going to be on Monday, and he told me about how he wants me to join him for dinner on Sunday night.

As much as I wanted to join him, I knew that my mum wanted me to be home and having dinner with her and my sisters.

I woke up at 6:20 AM this morning, and I got ready and went to volleyball training at 7 AM. We had a good training session, but we had to finish early because the coach had a senior management meeting at 8:10. I was put on the court as a setter for most of the games, which annoyed me since I’m normally a hitter.

My first class of the day was scholarship history, which was just us going over and preparing for our first assignment of the year. The next class was science, which was also the two specialist classes combined preparing for the first internal as well.

At break time, I met Tony in his office near the gym and got an apple and a bottle of tea off of him. I then re-joined my friends and ended up braiding my friend’s hair for her.

The first class after the break was P.E. and we just began some more drills for volleyball and worked on getting the ball over the net while standing backward.

Next was English class, which was by far the most boring class of the day. We read for 10 minutes before taking down two and a half pages on character irony and symbolism. We finished off the lesson by watching a short film on communism and dystopian fiction.

Lunchtime was great. I braided the hair of my friend, Isabella, who has a broken finger and can’t do her own hair. We were all sitting outside, enjoying the warm weather, and talking about the party on Saturday.

Becca told us about how she finally slept with her boyfriend, Ben, and how he was really scared since it was his first time.

As I was walking to study class, Tony passed me an gave me a smirk and a cheeky little wink. Luckily, none of my friends noticed the wink and were only a little confused by the smirk.

Math was the final class of the day, and it was ridiculously boring. However, it got so much better in the last ten minutes of class before the final bell when our teacher had to go across the hall so he got Tony to fill in for him.

We had been starting and signing off our assignment sheets, and I swear I was literally asleep in my chair. But when Tony walked in, wearing his beautiful blue shirt and gray tie, my energy levels went through the roof. Sadly though, the room was in test conditions and I couldn’t get the chance to talk to him.

Halfway through his time in the class, my phone vibrated in the pocket of my skirt. When I checked it, it showed that Tony had sent me a photo. I sneakily opened the photo and was forced to close it immediately as it was a photo of him shirtless and with a towel hanging loosely off his hips.

I think it was obvious that I had opened it because soon enough Tony chuckled a little bit at the front of the room.

When the final bell went, we all said thank you to Tony and left as if everything was normal. I left to go to the bathroom, but actually left my friends and went into Tony’s secluded little office to wait for him.

He came into his office and, before he saw me sitting in his chair, had locked the door and had begun to undo his belt buckle.

“You’re a little eager. You haven’t even said hello to me yet.” I say and he jumps a little.

Nothing happens between us in his office except for some flirting and a few sneaky kisses, in fear of being seen by his other teachers.

He gave me a ride back to his, and when we were there we kicked things off and had a shower together.

Normally, Tony and I never do anything too sexual or risky together, but then there are those days where we just can’t handle it.

We had a dinner of pasta and potato salad together before watching two episodes of Summer Heights High. I ended up catching the bus back home at 6:30 PM and my mum didn’t even know I was gone.

I finished off my night by doing some homework and getting ready for volleyball in the morning so that I can, hopefully, wake up at 6:30 instead of 6:15.

I hope Tony and I will get together after school tomorrow, and, hopefully, we are watching another documentary in history because I do NOT feel like working on my assignment.



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