Back to basics…

Back to blogging~ 
It has been almost 6 years ever since I blog online again..
Within the past 6 years, there has been so much changes and happenings to life..

After kicking off the habit of online blogging~
I realize I’ve been seeking out to friends for my problems or Twitter instead just to vent out what’s troubling me rather than writing them all down on a blog page, which I don’t think it reflects good on me as a person if I do it frequently with my good friends in the long run…

And for the past recent years, I’ve also came to realise blogging is an essential part of process for me
After looking and reading back my past blogs about how life has been for me in the past 10 years, it literally tracks me back to the kind of life I’ve been living and how I’ve been doing in the past as compared to the current me and the kind of life I’m living now
I think tracking back to the past me is very important because it reminds me of the kind of person that I don’t want to become and how much I want to improve and change myself for the better..
The past 6 years have been quite a struggle for me because I couldn’t find myself as who I am or who I have come to be.. and to be honest, not having to blog frequently somehow feels weird and suffocating at the same time..
As if something is lacking in my life

Now I’ve come to realise that self-reflection is eventually an essential part of my daily growth and progression, so that I can be consciously aware of how I’m doing and what I’ve been up to so far in life..
It’s like a life-in-progress tracker if you wanna sum it all..

And finally, why I’ve decided to make my posts to public instead of private is because I feel that I should share my thoughts to people, be it joy or depressing moments…
I’m aware that the things I wrote on my blog might not be likeable/agreeable to everyone, but at least I’m willing to share these little thoughts of mine to like-minded people out there, who also feels and shares the kind of similar experiences that I’m having too..

I used to believe in individualism when I was younger, thinking that I would only possess my one and only set of unique thoughts and opinions which is so naive, when only after venturing out and turning to be adventurous and actively social, then coming to realise that people are inter-connected in some ways that brought them to gather together as friends or acquaintances in life which pretty much how life works I guess..

And now I’m so glad that after searching through so many journaling websites, when the usual blogger classic templates seems to forever dull the whole blog page and me not being familiar with tumblr style of blogging, I’ve finally found this journaling platform which is totally 100% free, and has a simple and nicely designed web interface, and bonus plus point is that it has a similar old blogger style of blogging..
I guess my requirements are pretty demanding ehh?
But oh well, I found it and I’m so super glad and satisfied with this
Will be blogging here frequently from now so stay tune..

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