ok so I’m a musician and what sucks is when people tell me I’m good at what I do, so I bring up the idea of a collaboration to which they agree.

I set up to make the track and submit it to the person in hopes they like it, only to get no responses.

days, weeks even months pass and I took attempts to contact them…basic “hi how’s life” works and a simple conversation happens but upon bringing up the collab idea, the convo goes dead. Why?

eveyone tells me it’s mostly them and I understand, but to a degree I begin to think it could be me (I was never really proud of my music skills, I enjoy it but never saw myself as collab material). Maybe I’m overthinking it.

question of the day:

how would you come to terms with yourself if you were in my shoes?


would it be an issue if I don’t ask a question whenever I post?

(I know I just started this and at the moment there is not a soul reading this, but if people start checking it out…I wonder if it’ll soark conversation)

2 thoughts on “Bullshit”

  1. It’s hard to say. Creators are lazy people sometimes, speaking from experience, and I feel like that’s always a fair factor. Almost. Maybe you do need to improve some still and people are too afraid to tell you. I don’t know. Don’t you have any support system in your life that could be brutally honest with you when needed?

    On the other hand, sometimes your style just doesn’t fit everyone’s taste, doesn’t mean that there’s anything wrong with it. It definitely would be nice if people were honest about that though. Lot less frustrating.

    Personally, I would be upfront. “You haven’t gotten back to me about the collab, so I’m asking for your honesty. Do you not like it? Do you think it honestly sucks? Or is it just not your style? I understand either way and I would respect and appreciate your feedback on this. No hard feelings.” Maybe they’ll say they’ve just been busy. Who knows?

    Best of luck. Keep making music, I’m sure it’s great and can only get better.

  2. I have eventually confronted them and has cancelled any further plans to make music with them. They apologized and has told me their reasons as to why they were unable to make it happen.
    It sucks but I’m sure in due time I will eventually meet musicians who wish to collab and will go through with it.
    Until then, I feel a tad bummed about it but hey, cest’ la vi amirite?
    thank you for your time and comment btw.

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