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Well Here I am wrtiting how I feel since it’s getting hard to control things. I have a feeling that i’m losing it and I’m getting increasingly pissed off each day… .The littlest things simply irritate the shit out of me and it removes such a great amount from me just to keep control. I thnk about how life use to be. How much easier things were before this shit transpired. Furthermore, it harms me and furthermore pisses me off to realize that life will never, ever , ever be the same as it could’ve been. I won’t have the capacity to achieve alot fo the fantasies I needed to before as a result of this bullshit name I have behind my name now. It damages to realize that it will be harder to make friends now and the friends I have could possibly abandon me since they don’t have any desire to be associated with someone who has my lable. I truely am sad that my friends might need to manage the bullshit that may come as a result of individuals who don’t like me on account of the title I have from this charge and whatever I can do is supplicate that they remain close by and trust that they will stick by me since I will stick by them generally. If you are my friend at that point there is very little I won’t do to ensure that your are glad. That is the means by which I’ve generally been. I know I have slipped up occasionally on this, however I promise starting here on that I will do my best to be the closest friend I can to the majority of my friends. Every other person who isn’t there for me… Fuck Y’all. Prison has been the hardest time of my life and I require all the help I can get. Nobody in my immedieate circle realizes how much a letter intends to me. The lasty letter I got from a freind was seven days back and I have perused that letter regular, twice every day since it makes me cheerful. Thre was likewise a picture of my friend with her girl that she sent with the letter and I’ve taken a gander at the picture of my ffriend everytime I read that letter too. In this way, to each one of those individuals who aren’t here now, if you are reading this please make an effort to remain there for me and bolster me by writing. When I get out I’m going to recollect every one of the general population that kept in touch with me and conversed with me on the phone and visited and they will hold a special place in my heart. Since every one of the friends and family that need to be there for me whe I get out, yet didn’t set aside the opportunity to at any rate write me in prison when it would’ve helped me well, they don’t should be there for me when I get out either. I require friends who are there through the great times and the terrible.

Prison has been an extremely awful time and I have lost the majority of the friends I once had. Some are still here and I’ve made another friends also. To those individuals; my mother, grandmother, father, and every one of my friends now(y’all know who y’all are) – Thank You all to such an extent. Every one of you mean everything to me… and in all seriousness. I’ve battled as long as I can remember with feeling inadequate. I’ve never felt sufficient and dependably felt “not as much as” in light of my past. For the general population reading this who don’t hear what I’m saying I’ll explain. I was received at birth and I’ve spent as long as I can remember feeling like I was a mistake on the grounds that my biological “mother” surrendered me. I felt she abandaned me from the very first moment and it has left a scar on me that still damages to this day. Presently don’t misunderstand me, I am happy in light of the fact that if this wouldn’t have happened then I wouldn’t have met the family I have now. I mean I have the most amazing mother on the substance of the Earth, at any rate I think so. She does as such much for me and she will never know how much that way to me. I know sometimes I don’t indicate it, and I am sad for that, however I appreciate everything she has done. My grandmother – I adore her with my entire being and she is my reality. I cherish my grandmothers to such an extent. My father will, of late we haven’t been as close as we once were, yet I still love him. I’ve generally been glad to call him my father. We have had contentions previously and things were said that can’t be reclaimed. In any case, even still, I cherish my father and am pleased to call him father. So if I wasn’t received I would have never had these wonderful individuals in my life and I wouldn’t have thse amazing friends that I do have now. I think I didn’t generally feel abandoned by my biological “mother” until the last time she abandoned me. You see I wans’t ready to have contact with her or my biological sister or anyone on my biological side of the family until I turned 18. So when I turned 18 we met and life was great I presume. She needed to be a piece of my life thus did my sister and grandma on my biological side. This was marvelous to me since I’ve generally needed a sister my entire life and when I discovered I had a sister I was cheerful. I would’ve wanted to had a sister that grew up with me yet I wasn’t forutnate enough for that, so knowing that I still had a sister made me upbeat. However, about a year in the wake of meeting my biological “mother” she abandoned me once again, which is the reason it finally influenced me to realize she abandoned me at birth. I generally remained in denial trying to disclose to myself that she id it out of adoration and that she only needed the best for mee… yet now I realize she surrendered me for adoption since she didn’t need me. I figure there was somethng wrong with me and she surrendered me since I wan’t sufficient. I wager if she could have killed me and escaped with it she would have, to make sure she didn’t need to manage me. In any case, I’m happy in light of the fact that the family that embraced me has cherished me like no one else could have. So I am thankful that they took me in. It doesn’t mean I don’t have issues with still feeling like I’m useless… like I wasn’t intended to be. In any case, I’m working through it regular and I don’t think I would’ve made it this long in life without the affection from them. I need to admit my friend Chelsea has spared my life two or three times. All things considered my last sicide endeavor was a failure due to her. If it weren’t for her being there for me and loving and caring for me I’d be dead yet I pulled through for her. I tried to overdose on pills and I would have never have constrained myself to toss them up if I would’nt have considered her. So she spared my life the last time I endeavored suicide and she didn’t need to do anything yet be there for me, adore me, and think about me. Presently to every one of my friends who I haven’t mentioned, don’t think I’ve overlooked you. I’ve know Brittany since I was 5 or 6 and we have had a great deal of insane times together. Jennifer has helped me through a significant number of the intense times I’ve had in here on the grounds that she has recently been there for me. All my friends through correspondence brighen my day when they send letters since it influences me to feel like I can go one more day. I haven’t gotten a great deal of letters of late and I think that is the reason I’ve been having a harder time of late, yet ideally the greater part of my friends will begin writing alot so I can get bunches of mail : ) The only thing I wish that could’ve been different with my biological family is that I wish I could’ve had a relationship with my sister Rebecca. I ask that one day she will need to be a piece of my life, however it most likely won’t ever happen. Everything I can do is promise generally advantageous yet like I said it’s not looking great. – Me


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