This week hasn’t so much been shitty, it’s been pretty average and that’s definitely because of my over all attitude and perspective on things. Mostly I am just so fucking grumpy because of my job. 

At the beginning of this year I started a new job and it’s an amazing job. No doubt 100% better than my last piece of shit job. But for some reason this new job makes me so angry and frustrated. 

So I’m going to rant and complain to get everything off my chest and hopefully move on in a more happy and positive head space. 

I feel as though I haven’t been given adequate training.

I get the feeling the editors all need to adapt to the  the producers working style without them willing to adapt to our style even though it would allow us to work more efficiently and easily. 

One thing that annoys me is that when I make a mistake instead of telling me about the mistake the producers go to another editor to get it fixed. I learn from my mistakes. Tell me I have made a mistake and I will go out of my way to fix it and never make that mistake again. 

I’m frustrated because I went from knowing how to troubleshoot everything and being really fucking good at my job to knowing nothing and having to learn everything again. I know I can be amazing in this new role I just need to take my time, learn and get used to the way work but Im impatient and want to fucking amazing now. 

I obviously feel this way because I’m going through a change and I pretty much find  change quite difficult. 

So basically,  I just need to suck it up and just continue to learn and develop my skill set. And hopefully one day fucking soon I will be the go to editor who can do the best video edits, the person who knows how to fix all the edit/video problems, and just the general good bitch around the office. 

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