Holy Bully

So, the “religious fella” who made me mad earlier ended up being an abuser disguised as one of my “brothers.” I don’t know if he was someone from my past who had grabbed hold of my email address and was posing as someone else just to get access to me, or if he really was a stranger who just had the same wicked spirit as my ex.

I guess it doesn’t matter much because it ended the same way, with him typing some really vile words in an email to me and then acting like it was my fault because I wasn’t “humble.” Apparently, I have a character flaw and don’t appreciate being bullied when I need compassion and empathy. 


I didn’t respond to the vile commentary, but it wasn’t for lack of trying. I did try to type a few different responses, but none of them was appropriate for it. I mean, when a person is so wicked that they insult someone who is in pain, there are no words for that. It was the equivalent of saying to a cancer paint, “That’s why you have cancer and you’re gonna die!”

Yeah, he went there. He attacked my physical health, which is as childish as you can get. I didn’t fall at his feet for sending me unnecessary stuff, so he insulted me in the worst way. No, I don’t have cancer, but I used cancer just to show you how vile the email was.

No response that I would have given would have taken the words back, made that person see how wicked the comments were, or caused him to understand how hurtful such things are. He wouldn’t have gotten it. He’s devoid of all manner of understanding, and I’m tired of trying to explain things like empathy, tact, and common decency…common respect for human life. Some people in this world lack those things, and they really don’t understand.  

I’m okay. I’m used to dealing with ranting trolls by now. I’m actually up late because I’m working the overnight shift. I’m still trying to make that money so that I can go to the doctor this week. Honestly, I don’t really know what he can do for my arm. Maybe wrap it up or something so I don’t move it around so much? Every day, I keep hoping that the pain will be gone, but it seems like it gets tighter by the hour, lol. I don’t know. I’m still going to try to fix that transmission thingy on my car. It’s just a screw, basically. I have a bike coming in the mail too, so I’m going to need to put that together. I donated my last bike to some kid I didn’t know. I really needed that bike, but somebody told me a kid needed it, so I couldn’t say no. Well, now I finally got a chance to get another one so that I can get around town when I don’t want to (or cant) drive my car. 

These tasks are not going to be arm friendly. Maybe I should try to teach myself how to do things with my left arm and hand because the right may not make it through the rest of this week. 

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