I just had one of the most painful examinations of my life. I’ve been dealing with this intense arm pain for about three weeks now, but I didn’t have the money to go to the doctor. I mean, it’s the same story for me whether I buy insurance or not. I lack the finances with or without insurance. The fact that my arm has been hurting too much for me to finish fixing my car doesn’t help. That made me have to spend an additional $30 for Uber rides, which wasn’t too bad since I had to go to the next state over. Sometimes it’s cheaper to go to the neighboring state than it is to go in my own state. 

Anyway, I like this doctor a lot better as far as personality goes. He introduced himself to me and talked me like I was an intelligent human being who is concerned about my health. Do I still feel like he’s a little reluctant to give me a diagnosis? Meh…yeah, but there’s nothing that I can do about it. It’s their practice, and they handle themselves the way they want.

I really appreciated that he discussed my test results with me, but at the end of the day, he made the decision to refer me to a rheumatologist. The rheumatologist will be given the responsibility to make the diagnosis (or not) for what it looks like I have. 

He ended up just treating the arm issue…after he did an extremely painful exam. OMG, I screamed several times through it. It hurt when I was doing self-exams too but not that bad. There was a big difference between him touching it and me touching it. It’s a strain of an unspecified muscle, fascia, and tendon blah blah blah. It “could” have something to do with the condition that I “could” have, but as I said, he’s not going to say that it definitely does.

So he suggested a cocktail shot that had like steroids and anti-inflammatories in it. I was reluctant to take it at first…but then I decided to do it…but then I decided not to once I heard the price.  I just didn’t have the money today, but I was able to get my two prescriptions. I just didn’t get the shot to get me started. I like pills better than shots anyway.

If I react poorly to a pill, I can just NOT take the next one. Once a fully-loaded shot is in my system, I’m screwed unless I can get to a hospital to help, and I know that the hospital would rather see me die than give me charity treatment of any kind. I’m extra careful for that reason. I don’t take anything without doing full research on it, the risks and so forth. I haven’t taken anything yet, so I’m technically still in pain.

They gave me a little sling, so I’m walking around like a little baby with my “boo-boo” in a sling. Attention whore. Of course, it made people ask “What happened?” Lol.

It does hurt really bad, though. I guess I accomplished something by allowing the doctor to get to know me a little bit. It just doesn’t work when the doctor is rude and/or uncaring. He seemed okay. Maybe the receptionist girl or whatever wasn’t so nice, but I let that go over my head. Maybe it’ll be better next time. I figured that maybe she was under pressure to sell things, and she was unlucky today because she got a financially challenged person. Even if that was the case, though, it’s supposed to be about healthcare. Caring for people should be the first priority not the last. 

I’m going to go back in a couple weeks or something. I have to save up to get my thyroid tested next. For some reason, no one did it yet. But see, I feel better because I know the a la carte health items that I need now. I know how the plan works, etc. and I know I have to save up to see a rheumatologist, too. This is the best I can do unless I can get into a free clinic or something. Medicaid has not helped me at all. 



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  1. okay your arm sounds a lot like mine was. Do you have problems making it do things? like when I reached for a door handle it wouldn’t work for me, but the pain was more than I could stand, they kept telling me it was just arthritis, they would shoot me up with morphine and send me home, so I went home sleepy but still in pain because the morphine did not help. I was finally able to get a MRI, come to find out I had a herniated Disk. It was pinching off and trying to cut all my nerves in two. They rushed me into emergency surgery and was able to save my arm, but I only have 80% of use in the arm now and most of it is numb and will remain numb. But this sounds like it could be your spine. Doctors don’t think about that, they think about everything but that. When I was rushed to the hospital the day after the MRI, they were checking me for a stroke, lupus, and a lot of other things. They were trying to locate my MRI test, and when they did, that is when everything started happening. Some how get them to pay for a MRI, this may be what is going on with you. I’m no doctor but it’s a thought.

  2. Well…my situation is kind of weird because I did have a positive ANA test for lupus (and some other auto-immune stuff). I don’t think it’s a false positive because the titer is high, not low, and I don’t take anything that would cause me to have a false positive, but again, they’re handling this how they see fit.

    That being said, the arm thing could be one of the many jacked up effects of lupus, or, like you said, it could be something with my…I think he mentioned my neck or something. He did mention a possible need for an MRI, but he’s on a different path right now.

    Just so you know, I didn’t get any narcotics, lol. Nope, none of the “good stuff” for me. I would have gladly taken it if he had prescribed it because I know it WORKS, but he didn’t, and that was okay. I’m going to be taking corticosteroids and anti-inflammatories.

    To answer your question about what my arm does: It’s very tight and painful. It doesn’t want to open all the way. I can make it do stuff if I want to force it, but it hurts enough to make me scream. An example is if I’m in the shower, and I reach up for the washcloth. It hurts when I’m dressing, too. It hurts just to put my shirt on. It hurts when I just touch it.

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